Inadequate hygiene and sanitation cause nearly half a million deaths every year. ADRA intends to change that. 

Tamasoa lives in a small village, but he does not have a small perspective. In a region where ancient beliefs and practices are rampant, the 27-year-old is ahead of his time. 

He believes, for example, that a man should prepare food for his wife if she is about to go work in the field. In addition, he believes a man should not make his wife carry water if she is pregnant, and that he should hold the baby if it is crying when his wife needs to rest.

Though these progressive messages are not always well received by the other men in his village in Southern Madagascar, Tamasoa has built a reputation as a man worthy of respect. It is a reputation that he earned after working with ADRA to solve the health crisis in his community.

“Before, many kids were sick with diarrhea,” Tamasoa said. “The first time ADRA Field Agents came here . . . they had a meeting with us and asked us what the biggest issue is. We said: ‘our kids are sick and have diarrhea.’”

Your support has helped so many here in Madagascar and around the world. Thank you for your compassion, your commitment, and your prayers.