Today marks 6 months since a devastating earthquake hit the beautiful country of Nepal in April.

The quake and its strong aftershocks killed close to 10,000 and left hundreds of thousands without even the basics to start again.
Your emergency donations helped provide shelter, food, access to medical care, and so much more.
Thanks to all of you who supported ADRA, the work to help Nepal rebuild is going strong. ADRA Nepal has shared some amazing pictures over the past several months as disaster relief is turning into resiliency.
The oldest man in Tasarpu (ward 7) was the first in line to receive shelter materials in his ward. The rest of the village lined up behind him.
Even our smallest Nepali friends were eager to be involved. Here, a schoolboy proudly signs his name to collect food.
Because a flat path would be too easy for this amazing country, villagers must carry emergency supplies and food up some tough, but beautiful, hills to their homes.
Every arm carries necessities, every foot wears a trail from constant walking, and every heart is eager for home to feel like home again.
Looking to the future starts now. A man plants one of 2,500 saplings for a community forest.