Every donation provides urgent assistance, access to essential services, and much-needed food, hygiene items, and other vital resources for refugees. Donations are tax-deductible for US residents and will receive a receipt.


If you would like to support ADRA Slovenia’s work with the refugees, you can help by making a donation. Donations will help ADRA Slovenia purchase necessities for refugees in need.


Your financial support will help Syrian refugee children in Lebanon to access free education. Your help will give them the best chance possible to recover from the trauma of war, loss and displacement.


ADRA Norway has supported projects with refugees in more than 10 countries over the past two years. In addition to supporting Syrian refugees in numerous countries, they have also helped fund projects to support refugees and IDPs from crises in Ukraine, Burundi, Nigeria and South Sudan.


Donations to ADRA Austria can be used for such things as to facilitate language classes and assist refugees with costs they cannot cover, e.g. rent and essential items.


ADRA Switzerland partners with local ADRA offices to alleviate the immediate effects of the crisis in Syria.